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内容摘要:What is the point of the United States wasting time talking about China's military base in the South China Sea without taking any concrete a...

What is the point of the United States wasting time talking about China's military base in the South China Sea without taking any concrete action?


Harry Hodes
Harry Hodes, former Former USAF Officer
Answered Tue
At the risk of being nominated for a "Captain Obvious" Award, I note the following:
First, as Winston Churchill said: "Jaw, Jaw is better than War, War". War is sometimes necessary, but is never desirable.
Second, acts of the sort referred to in the OP are provocative, but not excessively so. There have been far worst provocations committed all over the world by many nations that have not lead to war.
Third, just because China is pursuing what it perceives as its national interests in the South China Sea, that does not constitute a casus belli for the United States of America. Arguably, it could be considered as such by the Republic of the Philippines [RP], but they have chosen not to "go there". If the RP were to invoke its mutual defense treaty with the USA, it might possibly become a casus belli, but the chance of that happening appear to be rather less that my chances of being elected Pope, Chief Rabbi, and Grand Ayatollah all on the same day.
Fourth, what specific "concrete action" would you suggest that would be both effective and self-limiting? Premier Xi is not Muammar Gaddafi and The Peoples Republic of China is not Libya.
Fifth, if the USA had actually had a legitimate reason to do so (e.g., an existential and imminent threat to its trade, or, a missile or aircraft attack on one of its warships engaged in a "Freedom of Navigation" cruise, etc.), it could easily and quickly destroy those bases built on those reefs/shoals. And for the record, the USA would NOT need nuclear, chemical or biological weapons to do so.
Sixth, the world would be a better place with less hysteria and less bluster. So, PLEASE chill out.
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Jamie Cawley, Author of "Beliefs and the world they have created. Lives in China
Answered Tue
““On May 13, (2015) U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense, David Shear, said this to the Senate Foreign relations Committee: “Vietnam has 48 outposts; the Philippines, 8; China, 8; Malaysia, 5, and Taiwan, 1.””
You do not know this because your reporting you get is absurdly biased, Adel.
China has set these islands up to protect its crucial shipping lanes through this area, where the vast majority of its oil comes through and many of its exports leave. Vietnam could cut these off easily and has bad relations with Beijing.
The USA has no involvement in this area at all - it is quite literally the other side of the world - but chooses to tinker and irritate because it has to find something to do with its grossly inflated military
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2015年5月13号,美国助理国防部长David Shear对参议院外国关系委员会称:“越南在南海拥有48个基地,菲律宾8个,中国8个,马来西亚5个,台湾1个。”

Sthitapragnya Deshpande, worked at China
Answered Tue
International diplomacy and international affairs IS about spending a lot of time talking about what everyone else is doing.
It is only the final result that tells us if the time was being wasted or not.
That is exactly what is happening in South China sea (where let us be honest, USA cannot do anything as it is simply not in its backyard - it is 3000 miles away from it. USA trying to do something here would be akin of China trying to intervene in some operation of US oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in Mexico's EEZ - the latter by the way happens routinely)
As someone who (during one stage of my life) used to watch such proceeding sat a UN body, this is exactly what everyone does. It is a lot like a prolonged bargaining session at a fish market, where you are really unsure if the buyer will at the end buy, or for that matter, if the seller at the end will sell.
But each side continues to posture, debate, point fingers, point back fingers, and often gets results - if not at this stage, then at another international stage where a similar 'game' is being played out by different representatives of the same parties. In this case, the other stages are all the arms of the UN, different trade bodies, different deals being discussed by people of the two countries including everything from memory chips to AI, from beef to soyabean, from use of waterways to franchises of US based companies.
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Sam Teppe
Answered Tue
What is the point of the United States wasting time talking about China's military base in the South China Sea without taking any concrete action?
Because it’s no use anymore. If you pay attention to the war situation in Syria, if you know how to read news between lines, you will know that as far as military force goes, China, along with Russia of course, now has the upper hand. Syria now is having a world war in small scale.
To tell you the truth, currently, China has both the best soldiers and top line weapons in the world, while the US only has the the best weapons, but not top line solders. Don’t believe me? Try to search how many American soldiers commit suicide every year.
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Big Warning
Answered Tue
USA army can beat Chinese army in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like adult beat kids.
But USA can’t win the battle near China. That’s why USA can’t take action in South China Sea.
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Joseph Wang, studied at Ph.D Astronomy UT Austin, Physics MIT
Answered Tue
It’s a public relations war, and it’s better to be fighting with press releases than with bullets.
Someone in the US government is trying to make China look bad. These *EVIL* CHINESE ARE THREATENING PEACE AND STABILITY. It’s an effort to mold public opinion so if the US finds it easier to push its diplomatic and military agenda.
Right now the big battleground is Australia.
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